Len C. (Contractor)

After the Bootcamp, it was just a real eye opener. It was a fact that you touched on so many options, so many items. You talked about people, financing, equipment when to hire the right people when you need to hire a salesperson when to put a service vehicle on road. It’s one of those things that once we did after the Bootcamp. You are very open with us on how to help us solve some other problems that we are dealing with on entering level which some were salespeople, some were service people, which we would expect out of salespeople, putting a program into a place to help us set up guidelines to the service people. How to help us make the employees appreciate more, what they have, what they have with their company, how can we make the employee more loyal without costing us a fortune by just handing out money and I think one of the biggest things that we talked about was having the employees be more efficient at what they are doing that will cost us less money to operate, we can give them bonuses on good work performance that was a big one. We’re salespeople problem solving, helping them acknowledge what customers are talking about, what they are facing everyday informed of the customers and how to deal with that, and how to show them better value not just dollar for dollar because there are just piles of people that are just selling price only. We don’t wanna be that contractor. We wanna sale value not on the dollar and by showing the value of the product and the value of what we are doing it’s very nice because there are already results there. Without Bootcamp, we would just continually struggle along. No 1: numbers are up, closing averages are up, having a solution to the questions that people are looking for, having the solutions to customers why we are selling them something; showing them the facts this is what it takes to make you comfortable has made all the difference in the world. The product is the product that you will feel comfortable with when the salespeople feel comfortable with the product they can show the customers what the benefits gonna be overall not just price only. When you gonna find that and show them to the customers, you’re putting a whole package together.

Randy W. (Contractor)

Fantastic, it was wonderful. There was so much information, especially going into the business for my first year, not knowing what to expect not knowing what you don’t know, right? I went into it and it was an eye opener because I realized that there was a lot of facets about the business that I fully didn’t understand just yet and it really helped me grasp a lot of the things, like doing a KPI, or profit loss, just simple things I didn’t know. It all seemed fairly simple. You walk in, you buy the product, you sell the product for however much more, you make money. But not so much. It was a good eye opener and has really helped me turn the business around.

Ian C. (Daikin Employee)

Judging from the past experiences, I’ve seen that there are many dysfunctional parts of the businesses themselves. Some parts are mis-looked at & potential growth areas which they are not fully aware of themselves coz they’re so tied up with getting sales & self-worth, and no time to really discuss it. My goal is to basically help them grow their businesses in any way possible where there will be a simple way of offering to finance or looking at possible ways of increasing the value of their company based on their requirements and how they wanna grow their value. I will introduce them to those parts of the business & grow their business accordingly. In some cases, they do keep me at bay, in the sense that they actually watch and look at what the other competition is doing for them and they actually compare what I do and what I say and actually see the benefits and that’s how I have gained their respects and they have allowed me to come into their business and help them grow their actual business.

Meghan W. (Contractor)

Our TM put us with the resources to help guide us through the process of developing & implementing the program to reward our technicians financially for their performance while also allowing us to meet & exceed our goals for revenue & margin. We are now in a much more comfortable place operating this business with confidence.

Stephanie B. (Daikin Employee)

I definitely like how it has changed my relationship with my contractors because I love to be more helpful with helping them run their business than just providing their products from my company and pricing and basics. This Bootcamp has been an eye opener for me because like you said there are so many things to business that I have nothing to do with as a distributor so for me, it has been an eye opener attending the Bootcamp and learning myself that there are things I learned that I can use with new costumers. I really like that I know have something that I can suggest that I have taken away from Bootcamp. I love that I was able to take a step further & really assist him with tools to get his company going. He seems to moving forward and this first year has been just a learning curve just setting things up & maybe just investing a little bit more by the end of next year he is going to be so much more successful.

David R. (HVAC/Plumbing Consultant)

Have known these people for years. They are honest with integrity and have a driven desire to help HVACR contractors build their businesses. You can’t go wrong by yes if they experience they are willing to share.