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Our site’s main focus is to bring simple and implementable solutions to seemingly unresolvable problems, one issue at a time.

Our priority at SC is ensuring your success. Whether you’re seeking to expand your operations, increase your technological performance, or enhance your organizational effectiveness, we’re here to ensure that the process is well-planned and properly executed. Our team is experienced in a wide variety of business processes ensuring you get the most professional results every time.

HVAC Consulting

Business Analytics

Gathering big data is just one part of your business analytics solution. The rest of it involves understanding what to do with that data, and learning how to use it for your best business advantage. It’s about figuring out how technology can help you learn more about your business, learn how to make your business better, and then make it all happen.

Operations Strategy

People are the number one resource in every organization, so planning a company’s future means taking into account the needs and expectations of the people who make up the company. To gain an understanding of the people at your company, we engage in a number of strategies to learn your companies’ culture, and when we plan for the future, we keep the present in view.

HVAC Consulting
HVAC Consulting

Project Management

Closing a new project or contract is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. With our project management services, you get the guidance, coaching, and tools you need to handle new challenges with skill and dexterity. First, we’ll establish the needs of the new project and then we’ll scope out how your internal resources can meet and surpass the demands of the project.


About Dennis

Dennis Mondul is the owner/operator of HVAC Contractor Solutions, a company whose mission is to assist HVAC contractors by offering systematic processes and techniques to develop their businesses.

In 1998 Mr. Mondul started serving the HVAC Contractor world as a trainer with the national association and then as a turnaround coach for a consolidator. While turning around branches in the southeast U.S., that region became one of the most profitable for the company. In 2004 HVAC Contractor Solutions was opened and has been helping deliver what HVAC Contractors want most; long lasting success and reputable service delivery.

Today, Dennis provides answers, dealing with leadership and operational challenges, regardless of the size of business. The core of the mission is to bring the best deliverables to customers, while increasing a mutual quality of life for both contractors and employees.